Unlock the Power of Music: Partner with the Aurora Symphony Orchestra

At the Aurora Symphony Orchestra, we believe that music has the power to transform lives, enrich communities, and inspire change. For over 40 years, we have dedicated ourselves to the pursuit of musical excellence, bringing quality, family-friendly performances to our vibrant community. Now, we invite you to join us on this remarkable journey as a corporate sponsor and experience the incredible impact your support can have on the cultural landscape of our city.

Our Legacy of Excellence

Founded in 1978, the Aurora Symphony Orchestra has become a cornerstone of our community’s cultural identity. Over the years, we have enchanted audiences with symphonic masterpieces, showcased local talent, and introduced countless young minds to the world of classical music through our educational programs.

Our legacy of excellence extends beyond the stage:

  • Community Enrichment: We take pride in offering accessible, high-quality performances to audiences of all backgrounds. By sponsoring the Aurora Symphony Orchestra, your company contributes to a thriving cultural scene that benefits the entire community.
  • Education: We are committed to nurturing the next generation of musicians and music lovers. Your support will directly impact our educational initiatives, including music education programs for under-served youth, workshops, and masterclasses.
  • Economic Impact: The Aurora Symphony Orchestra generates significant economic activity in our area, from retail & food service sales to general tourism. Aligning your brand with us not only supports the arts but also strengthens the local economy.

The Benefits of Sponsorship

When you choose to sponsor the Aurora Symphony Orchestra, you’re not just supporting music; you’re investing in a rich array of benefits for your company:

  1. Enhanced Brand Visibility: Your company’s name and logo will be prominently featured in our marketing materials, concert programs, and on our website, reaching thousands of potential customers and stakeholders.
  2. Exclusive Access: Enjoy VIP concert experiences, backstage tours, and the opportunity to network with our musicians and patrons.
  3. Corporate Responsibility: Showcase your commitment to the arts and your dedication to enriching the community, enhancing your corporate social responsibility image.
  4. Tailored Packages: We offer customizable sponsorship packages to meet your specific marketing and philanthropic goals, ensuring a mutually beneficial partnership.

Join Us on This Musical Journey

At the Aurora Symphony Orchestra, we are more than a collection of musicians; we are a family dedicated to the power of music. By becoming a corporate sponsor, you become a part of that family and play a vital role in sustaining our legacy.

Now is the time to make a lasting impact on the cultural vibrancy of Aurora. Partner with us, and together, we’ll continue to bring the magic of music to our community for generations to come.

Contact Us Today

Don’t miss this opportunity to make a difference. For more information on our sponsorship packages and to discuss how your company can benefit from partnering with the Aurora Symphony Orchestra, please contact Brad Furlow, our Marketing Manager, at bfurlow@aurorasymphony.org.

Join us in creating beautiful music and unforgettable experiences. Together, we’ll orchestrate a harmonious future for Aurora.

Conductor speaking to Young People's Concert Audience
Young pianist performs concerto with the Aurora Symphony Orchestra