Current ASO COVID-19 Protocol as of 8/12/2022:

As of 8/12/2022 the ASO Board of Directors has unanimously voted to revoke the COVID vaccination requirement.  Based on our consultations with Dr. Alan Aboaf (our second trombonist, experienced internal medicine physician, and medical staff president at Medical Center of Aurora) and following the City of Aurora current guidelines, the Board voted to revoke the vaccination requirement. Masking is not required. Members that did not play because of the vaccination requirement are invited to return to their positions in the orchestra, as promised. The following are strong public health recommendations and our current policy:

1. Stay home from rehearsal when sick (cough, sneezing, fever)
2. Continue to wash hands frequently
3. Use hand sanitizer
4. If an individual tests positive for COVID 19, they should not attend rehearsal and adhere to the current CDC guidelines.
5. If an individual has a COVID 19 exposure, they should follow the current CDC guidelines.

Venue Directions